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Free SATs Revision Resources

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Clarity Maths (was Online-Maths-Tutor)

Everything you need to succeed in the KS2 SATs: Practice Papers, Video Tutorials, Revision Games, Online Tuition

I am a qualified maths teacher with experience teaching in schools and as a private tutor and home educator. My goal for this site is to provide students with easy, online access to professional tutors, and to create free teaching resources that are truly effective for learning success.

So far most of the resources I’ve created are for Key Stage 2, but I will be adding resources for KS1, KS3, GCSE and A-Level over time. Check back soon, or sign up below to hear when they become available.

"Mathematics is thus much more than just another subject. In today’s world, it is an essential key to unlock people’s potential. The more mathematics people know, the greater the opportunities that are available to them."  Government Education Task Force

KS2 Past PapersKey Stage 2 Maths SATs Papers from previous years

Need copies of the actual QCA SATs Papers for Key Stage Two?  We have links to free downloads of all the level 3 to 5 test papers and mark schemes for 2014 and 2015.

Maths Videos89 Maths Tutorials for year 6 SATs Revision

If your child does not understand a topic, our videos provide extra support by showing them how to answer each of the questions on our exclusive Practice Papers.

Maths GamesKS2 Maths Games The fun way to revise!

Children learn better when they’re having fun! We have printable and online maths games for KS2 SATs revision. There are only a few available so far, but many more are on the way.

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